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An Important Message On “How To Increase Website Traffic” To:…….

All those who have built a website hoping to get web traffic who are searching for something like: Lead Generation Sydney and only been disappointed.

From: Phil Polson.

A person, in website development Sydney, who has been in your shoes and has the huge big pile of receipts to prove it.

Any 12 year old can build a website hoping to “get web traffic” for FREE and any 55 + year old can pay over $10,000 to have a website built and you know the results will be exactly the same.

No Leads, No Inquiries, No Sales.

I’ve done both and after 2 years full on I now know that there is a third way…..
A way where we don’t focus on the dollars that you pay to build the website and internet presence but rather on the dollars it generates for your business.

Your Professional Website Solution Is No place for Amateurs!

A huge motivation for me in developing our website solutions team has been from watching many friends, family and clients get heavily stung and lose lots of their hard earned money over the past few years from trying to nail it with lead generation from a website.

They have spent thousands and are now trapped into unworkable websites or proprietary ones they can’t get out of without difficulties such as cancellation fees, designer compensation and the like.

Some have listened to website designers who know very little about anything other than artwork and design.

Others have built purely information providing sites, only to now discover what they really need is genuine buyers first.

Very few are able to clearly articulate their strategy and reasons for being on the internet for business purposes; they have simply fired ahead on some promise of riches and easy lifestyle without a serious strategic plan or ongoing maintenance.

Has your Professional website solution been designed by of these so called experts, but now the final project is not getting any traffic let alone any potential clients?

Who of you have embarked on doing their own in-house website design and search engine optimisation (SEO) only to now be regretting that decision because the resultant lead generation is simply no good?

Embarking on building a website for your business and trying to attract suitable traffic that turns into paying clients as an amateur can be a roller coaster of a ride wild ride.

They lack a complete set of search optimization skills and the serious knowledge required to implement a working strategy using all the tricks of the trade.

Therefore, the quality and standard of your website is compromised. Amateurs go for pretty designs and usually just copy other sites……

Even more frightening are website design consultants who have no understanding of the basic SEO requirements of search engines.

These Consultants firmly believe that website success is all about having a pretty design layout, forms with content written in a way (and using words) that you the website owner and your direct competition can easily understand.

These are the most dangerous and frightening of all people on the Web when it comes to turning them loose on your website efforts to make money for your bottom line from your internet activities.

Why, because they build sites to appease you the site owner (the person who is paying them), and the boss and the boss’s wife and their emotions.

The problem with this common scenario is that neither you, your boss’s wife nor your competitors are ever going to be your clients.

They completely ignore the ONE person who they should be satisfying…

….the person who is searching for an answer to a problem or question that they need solved.

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February 14, 2015 · 11:23 am

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