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Web traffic is one of the most important things for any webmaster. It doesn’t matter if you have a website, a blog or you’re trying to sell something on the Internet, it will all be for nothing without traffic.

Building up the traffic however can be a difficult task especially when you want to target free website traffic. Getting free website traffic means you don’t have to pay a single cent for it. If your website is supposed to generate revenue for you, which means there won’t be any extra cost on your end.

Free website traffic can come from all sorts of sources like social networking, social bookmarking, search engines or through word of mouth. You will have to put in more effort in building free website traffic and the result is not instant, but it’s well worth it.

You won’t be alone in this race. There are a lot of others who will also be aiming for the same pool of free web traffic. To be the one grabbing the biggest portion, your website has to be unique, well presented and rich with contents. That is what usually sets apart the good and the bad. Spending 6 month alone on effort to work on your free website traffic is considered average for many people. It is only after the initial 6 month you will start to see the fruits of your labor.

Buying web traffic does not necessarily mean that it is better than free web traffic. Results may be faster since your website will appear at the top of the search engines, but it is also only temporary. The moment someone else bids higher than you or you stop paying and perform proper maintenance your website, you will vanish from the results.

Keep constant effort in building up your traffic and always find news ways to generate them. You need to have multiple sources of free website traffic in order to make it sustainable. Don’t rely on a single source of free web traffic too much or you may get bitten in the back.

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