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Affiliate Buzz #306

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host James Martell welcomes the return of Arlene to the show! During her time away she has been incredibly busy with their family. As she explains, extra time to spend with family is just one of the many benefits of affiliate marketing!

James and Arlene kick off the podcast by sharing a bit of happy news and then jump right into the topic of building traffic. Learn how 2013 developments with Penguin and Panda, two Google algorithms that directly impacted traffic that reaches websites – and not all the impact is positive.

Penguin, Panda, and Traffic to Your Website

Next James and Arlene share concerns that people have emailed to them, along with highlights from their discussions with other big name affiliates regarding the introduction of Panda. If your site isn’t getting the traffic you want, then you are not alone!

This leads into an overview from James who explains while affiliate marketing is not dead, so much has changed that it might seem that way. Tune in to hear:

– Specific examples of affiliate marketers whose sites reach thousands of people each day
– Revenue drops and pagerank penalties that he and Arlene have personally experienced
– Why it is not always easy to recognize what about your site is offending Google’s current algorithm

Next James shares about other affiliate marketers’ attempts to build traffic, as well as which of these succeeded and the ones that failed. If you aren’t sure what will work on your site, then perhaps the professional advice from this industry leader might help!

The Relationship Between Content and Traffic

As James points out, despite the algorithm changes, there are a lot of affiliate marketers who are still finding success in the industry. Working closely with these people and coaching them a good understanding of things like:

– the types of content they’ve created
– what they’ve done to organize their sites
– the source of their substantial amount of traffic

Moving right along, James and Arlene discuss what to stay away from when building traffic. This topic is also covered in a new course at The School of Internet Marketing, which will help to build web traffic by adding ongoing regular content that your visitors want and need.

The new course goes over the good, bad, and ugly areas of building traffic, and what to do if your site has lost rankings. Click here now to claim your spot.

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