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How To Drive FREE Traffic To YOur Web Site!

There are three prominent ways to drive Free traffic to your web site Social Media, Blogging and Video. You can have the best product or service available online but if nobody see’s that information then you might as well not be online.

1) Drive free traffic to your web site with Social Media. This is always and awesome strategy for building relationships but can take a lot of time and energy. Many times Social Media posts are just a quick blip on the screen and can be looked over. You have to build a lot of trust and authority with your audience to keep free traffic rolling consistently to your web site.

2) Drive free traffic to your web site with Blogging is a super power for SEO. Building a community of followers to your blog can and will pay off over time. With Blogging as with Video a daily consistent effort has to be put in to get the ranking you need to be found. Titles, Key Words, Pictures, Video, Themes, Relevant Content, Call to Action .. all have to be considered to drive free traffic from a post.

3) Drive free Traffic with Video is a strong mix of both with the ability to build repore because they get to see you in a lot of cases, and get found quickly. The biggest Positive to doing, video especially video on You Tube, is that Google being the largest search engine online also owns You Tube. You Tube video’s are ranked better and faster than most other content!

Bonus info to drive free traffic to your web site is Keywords, Head lines and content with keywords embedded in it. If you want the search engines to find you and rank you you have to give them what they are looking for. Free Traffic To Your Website demands this essential skill set.

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