Blog Commenting Get Free Web Traffic Using Blog Commenting

Blog comments can establish an individual or a business as a thought leader in a particular industry which may lead to new business opportunities.

Most blogs allow for a space at the end of each post for a blog reader to leave a comment.

The blog commenting field typically asks for the name of the commenter, their email address, and their website.

By leaving these details the fellow blog reader and blog commenter will definitely have a look at your blog.

Find blogs in your niche by searching ‘niche + blog’.
Subscribe To Blogs in your niche via RSS Feeds so you can be one of the First to Comment on a Blog Post. This makes your comment stand out since it is at the top of the list of comments.

Make sure to be careful not to post comment spam..
There is a need for caution when sharing links in the comment itself. Many bloggers don’t take well to this, as it comes across as a blatant attempt to siphon their traffic to your site.

Unless the link you are posting directly answers a question, it’s best not to do it.
The other benefit to blog commenting, even if you don’t get many direct visitors, is that the search engines see the link and your site gets a small boost.

Get a Gravatar ( so your picture shows up instead of gray head outline.

This helps you build personal relationships and people get the feeling like they know and trust you.
Blog Commenting should be part of your online marketing efforts.

Stay consistent by commenting on blogs in your niche on a regular basis and watch the free traffic start rolling it.

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