How to Turn Web Traffic into Cash | Optimize your Website for Buyers

Turning Traffic to Cash: Optimizing for Buyers

Hi guys! It’s Michael H here. And in today’s video blog Mr Q’ Tee and I are talking about optimizing for buyers online. This is our first blog of three about turning your traffic into cash, turning your website visitors into paying customers. It is no good getting loads of traffic and being ranked high in the search engines if your site does not entice people to take action and buy. You want your website visitors to become paying customers of your product or service. You want to think this way from the start; you want to make sure your business is appealing to buyers and not free loaders. So that when the traffic does start flowing through your site it’s the buyers that feel at home and stay to spend their money.

Optimize your Website for Customers

It’s important that you’re optimizing for buying customers and not just traffic if you want to make money online. NOT optimizing for buying customers makes your traffic pointless!! A small amount of traffic with a high percentage of buyers is better than a large amount of traffic with NO BUYERS! Ideally you want LOADS of Traffic with a majority of those Buyers!! And make sure you collect the emails of these buyers so you can contact them and turn them into reoccurring buyers!! Have a look at our blog about List Building:

You MUST think like a Buyer!!

When building your site, deciding on your keywords, thinking of promotions, planning and executing campaigns and designing your banners you MUST ALWAYS think like a buyer at all stages of the process!!! Otherwise you WILL attract the wrong traffic that won’t buy and is a waste of your time!!

You should think of your site as if it’s a shop. Make sure it’s easy to navigate around, it’s customer friendly, you’re and special offers are clear and in your face, it looks good, it’s branded, it’s clear where visitors can contact you for help and it’s BLATANTLY obvious where to take action and BUY!!!

Make sure you watch the video for a full and higher understanding. Keep an eye out for more tips on turning your online traffic into cash in our next couple blogs!
Go get those buyers!! Stay blessed,
Michael H.

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